Guest Speaking

Brendan brings his unique perspective on career management to life in his keynote addresses. Highly sought after for his compelling, humorous and sometimes controversial strategies for managers and young executives looking to breakout in a corporation. His fresh story telling approach has made him one of the most entertaining speakers at conferences and forums around the world.

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Career Coaching

Brendan's true passion is for one-on-one career coaching. Having mentored many managers and aspiring executives, Brendan brings a wealth of experience and unique approach to career management. His no-holds barred, truth telling approach forces clients to take an honest assessment of themselves and their workplaces in order to build a winning strategy. A truly transforming experience.

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Expert Seminars

Brendan has sat on many expert panels and is an active contributor to seminars and webinars on business and career management topics. Always entertaining, Brendan's unique and fresh perspective offers a thought provoking experience for all audiences. His range of experiences and vast repertoire of personal anecdotes and stories makes Brendan a must-have for your next seminar.

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Brendan Reid is hilarious. One of the rare speakers who can deliver a truly compelling message and do it in an entertaining way. The perfect guest speaker for a business audience.
— Jefferson Marks, CEO