my resume template in microsoft word format

The best resume template

Your resume is one of the only tools you have to distinguish yourself from competing candidates in the early stages of the job search process. It’s the one weapon you have to show your uniqueness before you’ve even met your prospective employer. You need a great resume or CV template to get hired.

Visual resumes, standard resumes, graphical resumes, online resumes, infographic resumes, resumes in pdf and resumes in Microsoft Word. I’ve seen and experimented with just about all these resume formats and CV formats to find out what works best for me and what attracts me as a hiring manager.

This is my resume template. The one I actually use. The one I recently used to get a great job against a ton of strong competing candidates. I designed this resume template to be visually attractive but also easy for you to use. You can see it here. The entire thing is built in Microsoft Word using simple tables and basic formatting which means you can actually edit it yourself without needing advanced design skills. This resume format worked extremely well for me and I’m hoping it can work for you too.

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