Weekly Reid - Your Survey Results and Some Helpful Resources

This week I’ll cover 4 data points that really jumped out at me. In the weeks to come, we'll get way deeper into this and I'll keep sharing the most fascinating results I've found. I don't know about you, but I find it super compelling to see how other people thing. There are some common themes in the data points I've covered this week and I’ve tried to include some helpful content related to them.

Question: What is your primary career goal?

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A couple data points really jumped out at me for this one. The first is that so many of you want to be recognized as an expert in your field. That is a great goal and I’ve definitely found my career trajectory has improved in direct proportion to my reputation as an expert. The second interesting one was how many of you wanted to reach the C-level. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given you’re so invested in improving your careers (and you read this blog :) ) I’ll keep focusing on these subjects and in the meantime, I highly recommend checking out this new video. 

4 Keys to Move from Director to VP Level

Question:  What have been the biggest hurdles to reaching your career goals thus far?

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  Two data points jumped out at me from the responses to this question. 32% of you felt your unwillingness or inability to self-promote was the biggest hurdle to reaching your career goals thus far. And, 26% of you felt office politics was the biggest hurdle. I can completely understand these perspectives and I’m going to keep publishing more content to help you overcome these challenges. In the meantime, I encourage you to check out these two blogs for helpful tips:

How to Work Well with Incompetent Co-workers

5 Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Get Your Career on the Fast Track

Question:  Which of the following is most responsible for your career success so far?

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Many of these responses were not surprising, but I can really see myself in the 23% of you who pointed to "perseverance through hard times" as being largely responsible for your success thus far. The further I go in my career, the more I think perserverance is the number one differentiator between those who ultimately succeed and those who don't. Check out my latest video for my advice on how to bounce back in tough times.

Video – How to Bounce Back from a Career Setback

Question:  What new skill do you think would be most helpful in your future success?

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An overwhelming number of you (43%) pointed to “improved ability to promote myself at work” as the key skill to achieving future success. That is by far the most popular question I get asked by my employees and coaching clients. It’s a critical skill we all need to focus on more. I recently filmed a video on building up your professional brand which I think will be helpful. I’ll also look to publish a blog in the next few weeks with practical tips on how to create more visibility at work.

Video: How to Build Your Professional Brand

I hope this was helpful for you. There is a ton more data to share with you and many more resources to help you navigate the opportunities and challenges in front of you.